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How are you all? Sunglasses are part of your add on, we can never get over it. I know we all have the same urge to find the perfect ones. I just have one believe that never step outside your house without sunglasses. Latest eyewear trend will definitely give you a head turn. And not making you struggle so much I am here with the best to boost your eyewear collection
. There is no type or certain specification of sunglasses which I like to wear but in the list of all the available options I keep aviators on the top or sometimes quirky depending on my outfit and weather conditions. Perhaps I have seen so many celebrities obsessed about their attractive yet stylish sunnies. So I decided to pick some of their classy pieces and get them in affordable prices for you.
Sunglasses  gives you an effortless and chic look. So here I want to include few spectacular and stylish pair of sunglasses you can buy …
You are no less than a star !!So get yours by keeping your pocket happy !!

  1. Double bridge mirror sunglasses  

double bridged

Buy it here :

Price : Rs 1150

2.NEWLOOK Tortoiseshell Round Sunglasses

NEW LOOK Tortoiseshell Round Sunglasses

Price : Rs 445

Buy it  here :

3.Danny DazeRound Sunglasses


Buy it here :

Price : Rs 699


4. Danny DazeOval Sunglasses


Buy it here :

Price :Rs 699

  1. Miami Silver Sunglasses

niti tylor


Buy it here:

Price: Rs 1050

6. Green reflector aviators

shay micthell

Buy it here :

Price : Rs 700

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